Cookbook: A pinch of home

Star and top chefs create cross-cultural menus with cooking enthusiastic refugees


What does cooking and food culture mean to Michael Kempf, Ralf Zacherl, Diego Muñoz or Sven Elverfeld? Which smells and tastes do people who are searching for a new home in Germany connect with “home”?

Together, we will embark on a culinary voyage of discovery where tradition, culture and tastes reinvent themselves and merge.

The result: A new cookbook of the special kind with innovative recipes and the documentation of an exciting dialogue between cooking enthusiastic personalities with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Order your copy full of culinary highlights right now. Your preemption will support this unique foodfusion project and helps us to finance the printing of our new book!

Profile of the authors

The cooking encounters took place among professional chefs and cooking enthusiastic refugees who are looking for a new home in Germany. Local ingredients as well as ingredients from far away contribute in a special blend to the uniqueness of the recipes. These taste fusions as well as personal experiences of two cultures cooking and eating together are collected in a book.

Details of the book | A pinch of home

  • 12 cooking encounters
  • more than 40 intercultural fusion-recipes
  • personal anecdotes all around cooking and eating together
  • bilingual (English/German)
  • publication and shipping date: 09.09.2016
  • with the purchase of our book you support our social projects of “Über den Tellerrand e.V.”
  • Price: 29.95€ (until 31.05.2016 only 24.95€)


Fotos: Carina Adam
Food/ Set Styling: Sabine Hueck
Grafik: Grafikladen